“The very hungry caterpillar” is celebrating it’s 40th birthday this year and Eric Carle the author/Illustrator is a great author that trancends all kids age groups. His range of titles in baby board books 0-3 introduces colour, animals and shape. His preschool books are now available in different presentation formats such as a new pop-up version of “The very hungry caterpillar” for the 40th anniversary. My particular favourite is “Papa please get the moon for me” which deals with all the different phases of the moon and a little girl who wants to dance and play with the moon (and she does).


  1. One of my favourite (Australian) kids books is 'Gordons got a Snookie' by Lisa Shanahan. Some parts of the book are 'laugh out loud' funny and the illustrations by Wayne Harris personify the characters beautifully. Underneath the humour, this book deals with bullying and exclusion -an issue I think is of great importance at any age. The reader is able to empathise with Gordon (a big strong Gorilla) as he experiences being the newest animal in the zoo, the loneliness of being bullied and excluded, through to acceptance.
    'Gordons got a Snookie' is a funny and clever reminder that people (and Gorillas !) have feelings…. no matter how big and strong they are.


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