Visitors to Hurstville City Museum & Gallery last Saturday night discovered some very dangerous dreams indeed!
Saturday the 6th of February was the official opening of Beric Henderson’s Dangerous Dreams exhibition which featured over a decade of art noir paintings accompanied by sculptures created by Elva Henderson and her students.
And what an incredible event it was. We were a little concerned the weather forecast would keep people at home however we were not disappointed, as more than 80 people turned up for what was truly a wonderful night.
The beautiful sounds of the Morrison Trio created a comforting atmosphere for visitors to explore the dangerous situations captured in Beric Henderson’s paintings or the lighter side of the imagination revealed in Elva’s ceramic works of art.
Visitors who dared to delve into the artworks before them, found themselves identifying with the situations presented to them in Beric’s paintings. Paintings that depict people falling to their death, being followed by a dark and mysterious stranger or being trapped in a maze. Whilst these are not everyday experiences most of us have had similar ‘dangerous dreams’.
Come and encounter the world of Beric Henderson’s Dangerous Dreams for yourself at the Museum & Gallery.

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