You may have spotted a copy of Dragonfiles while balancing a bundle of Cormac McCarthy novels. The magazine is packed with articles on services, events, programs and collections of Hurstville City Council and Hurstville City Library Museum & Gallery. Here are 10 reasons why I reckon you should pick up a copy:

1. It’s FREE

2. Awesome graphic design (which means you can pass on your copy of MX)
3. Quality articles/content – never, ever boring. Our articles can be read in English and Chinese.

4. You’ll find something to see or do – get off the box and drop in to the Museum & Gallery – there’s always an exhibition to keep your eyes moving, mind racing

5. Kids Corner – loads of childrens activities are listed so you’ll never hear “I’m bored” again

6. Learn a new skill – our events calender often includes small sized classes where you can a pick up a specific skill, like beginner computers

7. New items added to the collection – discover what books, magazines, DVDs have been added to the library collection

8. Self service – there are things you can do yourself as a member of Hurstville City Library. In this month’s issue, we take you through Member’s Zone. This service allows you to log in to your own record to renew and reserve loans and check library fines.

9. 100% recycled paper – printed on recycled paper = smells good, feels good, and is good for the environment

10. Libraries & Museums boring? – What the?! pick up your copy of Dragonfiles at either Hurstville or Penshurst Libraries, or the Museum & Gallery and tells us what you think today!

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