The Walkley Award for Best Australian Non-fiction Book is awarded as part of the annual Walkley awards for excellence in journalism.
Walkley Foundation website

Graham Freudenberg, Churchill and Australia, 2009 Winner
Churchill was a titan of the 20th century, universally acknowledged as one of the greatest leaders of his age. Yet his relationship with Australia was a fraught one, tainted by the military failure of the Gallipoli campaign in WWI and the disaster of Singapore in WWII.

2009 Runners Up included:

Peter Hartcher To The Bitter End: The Dramatic Story of the Fall of John Howard and the Rise of Kevin Rudd

On 24 November, 2007 Australia changed its government. Peter Hartcher explores in dramatic detail the downfall of John Howard and the rise of Kevin Rudd.

Jenny Hocking, Gough Whitlam: A Moment in History
This first volume of the biography of Gough Whitlam covers the early years of his life up until Labor’s 1972 election win.”–Provided by publisher.

Mary-Rose MacColl, The Birth Wars
There is a secret war going on in Australia. It is a war of technology versus nature; of ‘mechanics’ against ‘organics’. On one side is the traditional medical establishment and the obstetricians; on the other are midwives and natural birth practitioners.

Iain McCalman, Darwin’s Armada
Recounts the intertwined sea voyages in the southern hemisphere of four men – Charles Darwin, Thomas Huxley, Joseph Hooker and Alfred Wallace – who combed the world for evidence of evolution by natural selection.

Sally Neighbour, The Mother of Mohammed
Born and raised in Mudgee, Rabiah Hutchinson seems an unlikely jihadist. But this former country girl is a veteran of the global holy war. To Western intelligence analysts she is “the matriarch of radical Islam” Sally Neighbour explores this mysterious black-veiled woman, with the broad Australian accent and fiery Scottish temperament, who has Western governments so unnerved.


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