New Audiobooks

The Observations by Jane Harris
Edinburgh 1863. Bessy Buckley wants to escape her past and accepts a maid’s job in a big house working for the beautiful but strange Arabella. With both women keeping secrets and the death under mysterious circumstances of the former maid Nora, Bessy faces a tangle of madness, ghosts, sex and lies. Narrated by the author. 15 CD’s.
The Ruins by Scott SmithIf suspense is your style, this story of four friends on a Mexican holiday may be for you. When one member of the holiday party sets off to investigate an archaeological dig in the Mayan ruins, the others follow and are lured into a trap which changes their world forever. Narrated by Patrick Wilson. 12 CD’s.

Slow Burn: A Leo Waterman Novel by G.M. Ford

A prestigious global restaurant convention hires Seattle P.I. Leo Waterman as Special Security Officer to monitor the movements of two steakhouse competitors with a ‘beef’. As Leo’s band of scruffy irregulars shadow the competition, the plans cascade into catastrophe with Leo finding himself the prime suspect in a murder. Narrated by Jeff Harding. 8 CD’s

True Colours: My Life by Adam Gilchrist

The autobiography of one of the greatest wicketkeeper/batsman to have played the game. Told with honesty, intelligence, compassion and humour, Adam invites you into the world of cricket. Narrated by Williams McInnes. 5 CD’s.

Creating True Peace by Thich Nhat Hanh

This work uses a blend of visionary insight, inspiring stories of peacemaking, and a combintion of meditation practices and instruction to help us practice nonviolence. Tich Nhat Hanh is a Vietnamese born Zen Buddhist monk, teacher and peace activist. Read by Michael York. 4 CD’s.

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