have recently issued a press release stating they are “…selling more Kindle books than hardcover books”. Over the last three months, for every 100 hardcovers sold, 143 Kindle editions were sold.
It’s easy to get caught up and think this is the death of the book. Amazon is an online buisness and there are many thousands of bookshops still fulfilling the demand for an actual (as opposed to digital) book.
Even so, it does make you think. Generations grow up on the technology that has developed so how long will it be before the majority, however slight, will be accustomed to doing their work and especially leisure reading off a screen rather than a page?
Of course there will always be purists and the sheer convenience of a paperback is still genius. But technology is only going to improve so how much of this is personal choice and how much might it be catching the incoming tide?
Can you resist or do you even want to?

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