Ever browsed through Hurstville Library’s reference collection and wished you could borrow that special book? Now many titles from the collection have been transferred to the lending collection and are available for loan. Check out some of the titles now on the display stands when next you visit. Many more titles will be available in the coming months for you to borrow and read in the comfort of your own home. A few are listed below:

A History of the Islamic World
Entertaining and informative, with over 70 illustrations, photos, and maps this is a stimulating depiction of the world’s second-largest religion, with over one billion adherents.

How I Write The Secret Lives of Authors

Where do writers get their ideas? How do they deal with writer’s block? What do they do all day?
Find out the answers from the authors themselves. Original contributions are from well known authors including Jonathan Franzen, Joyce Carol Oates, Will Self and A. S. Byatt. Letters, photographs, drawings, illustrations, and other scattered mementos make up this book.

Oxford Guide to Style
Contains 16 topic-based chapters
offering advice on how to present
the written word.

Fighting Talk
Stirring speeches and battle cries
from history’s greatest warriors and

Australia’s Quarter Acre
A spirited defence of the home garden, includes explanations of how Australia became the world’s first great suburban nation, how the layout of the back and front yard has changed over time and why manicured lawns and productive vegetable gardens have declined. The hidden meanings of the ordinary garden are explored along with fascinating insights into everything from fruit trees, woodsheds, rotrary clotheslines and illuminated Santas.
Sneakers: The Complete Collectors’ Guide
This book comprises over 550 specially taken colour photographs; over 180 sneaker designs from 11 leading brands chosen for the mark they have made on sneaker culture worldwide, brand histories and information on creating and caring for your collection.Encyclopedic in scope it is a delight for both the novice and hard core aficionado of all things sneaker.


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