In the back of every cupboard amongst the mis-matched socks and clouds of dust there is an old book or two. Okay, admit it, there’s about 30. They’re all books that you bought, maybe read once, and then decided you didn’t particularly like. But you’re yet to donate these unloved members of the literacy world to your local library (which is what you should be doing. Right now.)

Perhaps you’re a hoarder. Perhaps you’re keeping them there until you can give them away as a birthday present to someone you don’t particularly care for. Whatever the reason behind your accumulation of abandoned books, there’s always someone somewhere else in the world that could be reading and loving those books that you use as a door stop.
And even if you don’t feel like giving those books to a library and being a wonderful human being, there’s always other ways of recycling these literary orphans…


How about this recycled book chandelier by Lula Dot Studio?

Maybe turn them into pot plants, like Italian designer GartenKulter.

But perhaps the best of all, a recycled book library information desk! Brilliance!

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