Dawn French is a name synonymous with two things. Laughter, and Curly Wurlys. From her deliciously sinful portrayal of Geraldine in ‘The Vicar of Dibley’ to her outrageous skits and shenanigans with longtime partner-in-crime Jennifer Saunders, Dawn French remains one of the worlds most beloved comediennes.
Her first book ‘Dear Fatty‘ was a poignant, insightful and often hilarious description of Dawn French’s harrowing journey through life.

Now, Ms. French has progressed past her memoirs and has put her years of experience to good use in her latest literary mission – ‘A Tiny Bit Marvellous’.
This novel explores the lives of a family. There’s mum, Mo. Then there’s dad and the two kids Dora and Oscar. Oh, and there’s a dog called Poo.
The book details through a series of diary entries how each family member lives in their own little worlds, putting the stability of the family in jeopardy.
Heartbreaking, and yet laugh-out-loud funny, should we consider adding this gem to our library shelves?

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