In the summer of 1972, Colin Dexter took his family on a holiday to North Wales. It rained (what else is new?). To pass the time he write the first few chapters of a potential detective novel. It was eventually published under the title of Last Bus to Woodstock and introduced the character of Chief Inspector E. Morse (what the “E” stood for was eventually revealed in 1996’s Death is Now My Neighbour). And thus one of the great detectives of the modern era was born.

Thirteen novels were eventually published in the series featuring Morse, the grump Wagner and cryptic crossword loving detective, and his faithful (and long suffering) sidekick Sergeant Lewis. At TV series based on the novels began in 1987 starring John Thaw as Morse and Kevin Whately as Lewis. The plots follow the traditional “who dunnit” format of a murder being committed and the detectives efforts to catch the killer. There was false leads and red herring aplenty to keep you guessing right to the end.

The LMG holds a number of Dexter‘s novels, plus DVD of the TV series. So if you haven’t made his acquaintance yet, why not “be arrested” by Morse tonight?

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