This may only affect students sitting their HSC this year and most likely students within their preliminary course! For many years, the Board of Studies have sent out many useful and vital resources to schools, institutions and libraries in regards to the HSC. These resources include the EXCEL books!!
The EXCEL study guide books have assisted many students over the years, in achieving exam success and study plans. At Hurstville City Library we have just recently received NEW HSC & SC STOCK!! How awesome is that?! Like we’ve mentioned before, at LMG we only offer the best.
For those who aren’t regular users or readers of these guides, we suggest that you come in today and browse through the guides. You won’t be able to put them down! You will find that these guides will help you to adjust your study timetable in a good way.
For HSC students it is very tough and time is minimal. We understand the pressure you undergo whilst preparing for an exam. In fact, I too have experienced the reality and difficulties during
HSC years and many LMG staff have! Making study notes of all your syllabus’ can be a very “hands on” job because it is very time consuming and requires a lot of effort.
Well not to worry because that’s why we have the EXCEL guides to help make it easier for you!
Most of the subjects are found in the Excel guides collection and basically it’s the majority of information you’re going to need when doing study notes.
In the Excel guides, the syllabus the subject of study is put out in sections and the topics within the sections are the topics of study. Making notes from these topics is now like cutting a piece of chocolate cake and eating it!! It’s as simple as that. It just makes your HSC life a whole lot better and you can get things done faster!
If you haven’t encountered a SUPER EXCEL guide yet then today is the day to do so. Don’t deprive your HSC experience of the possible marks you could get by using the Excel guides! The Hurstville LMG staff are always on alert for the HSC-starved students.

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