Hurstville City Library

cnr Queens Rd & Dora St, Hurstville

Thursday 27th October @ 7pm

Bookings 9330 6142

Ever wondered what it takes to get published?

Why do some authors end up on bestsellers lists?

What are publishers looking for?

What is the role of an editor?

Anna Valdinger Commissoning Editor of Australian commercial fiction authors for HarperCollins Australia will take us behind the scenes of the book publishing world. Anna is responsible for looking after and building up a stable of Australian commercial fiction authors and helping to develop their careers from book to book particularly in the genres of crime, thrillers, sagas, women’s fiction both contemporary and historic.

Anna will share her insights and experience and looks forward to answering all those questions you may have about the publishing scene.

Star authors with HarperCollins include;

Colleen McCullough, <a href=” Moss, <a href=” Gemmell and Belinda Alexandra.

Anna also looks after international authors such as Paullina Simons, Paulo Coelho, Daniel Silva and Michael Crichton, as well as some of the Avon romance authors including Stephanie Laurens and Anna Campbell.

With experience in the publishing world both in London and Sydney this evening promises to be a real treat for all avid readers and aspiring writers.


Colleen McCullough

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