Reading a book before going to sleep is one of the simple joys of life and it starts when we are very young. Babies and little ones love to cuddle up for a story before sleep but beware the book that makes them more awake!
Start with a story that sets the mood – for toddlers try Baby Bird’s Blankie in which Baby Bird is playing with his blanket and not getting sleepy. He keeps dropping it from his nest and poor tired Mum has to rescue it. The advent of a large crow puts an end to the game and Baby Bird chooses to snuggle down for sleep.
Follow this with the anxiety allaying Check on Me which shows a toddler settling down for the night. It reinforces the rituals of going to bed with the assurance that the parent will stay around to be sure that the night is safe.
If your toddler is still wakeful, try Sleep time. The little girl does not want to sleep and she goes through all the tricks of staying awake until she is tired enough to put Teddy (and herself) to sleep.

Kate – Children’s Librarian

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