On September 20, 2012, 17 people came to Hurstville Library to perform in the National Poetry Slam Competition organised by WordTravelsAs each person anxiously awaited their turn to spill out their hearts and minds to the all embracing audience, they were entertained by the MC. The show began with a bang as  Hurstville Library’s own Kate Campion opened the evening. From that point on the library’s Exhibition Space was transformed into a daring arena where only the bravest of slammers were willing to compete for the title of the 2012 Hurstville Poetry Slam Champion. 
The evening was filled with tongue twisting soliloquies, alliteration, metaphors and prose all of which combined to offer an enticing evening for the audience. The performances were all highly commendable, and two lucky slammers were able to progress into the next round of the National Competition.

A big congratulations goes out to Alan Pham and Jessica Santosa. Their poems touched the hearts and souls of audience members. Congratulations also go to Gloria Demillo who came in a close third. The next slam heat will be held in Glebe for those who are interested. For those who were part of the audience,  leave a comment saying which poem was your favourite and why.

If you want to slam with the best of them, there is still time. Marrickville is hosting a wild card heat at Urchin Books on October 21. Glebe’s Friend in Hand pub will also be hosting a heat on November, 6. Let your heart write your soul out on paper and slam it out at either one of these locations – who knows, you may end up winning.

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