Hurstville Museum & Gallery’s exhibition Revealed! has been on show for five weeks now! How time flies when you’re having fun!
One of the many fascinating aspects of our Revealed! exhibition is our rotating Special Object of the Week. Each week we reveal a new unusual or beautiful object that, due to the delicate condition of its material, cannot be on display for long. It is a rare chance to see some of the more fragile objects in the Hurstville City Library Museum and Gallery collection.
We are now just past the half way point of this exhibition, which means five special objects have come and gone! We have seen a corset worn by Gerringong resident Margaret Taylor, who must have had an enviously tiny waist. A beautifully designed, homemade cushion cover displayed a combination of 48 silk ‘cigarette cards’ featuring colourful Australian flowers. A crocheted boudoir cap also showed off bedroom fashions in the 1920s. But, my favourite was a gloriously hideous fox fur cape from the 1930s, still with paws attached! This cape will be on display for a final time during the last week of Revealed! Don’t miss out on seeing it!
With these Special Objects of the Week and other rotating displays, our exhibition is always changing. We invite you to pop in again and again!

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