Source: Australian Human Rughts Commission (2013)

In Australia, human rights should be enjoyed by everyone – everywhere and every day. It is illegal in Australia to harass, bully or in any way discriminate against a person on the basis of their age, sex, disability or race. The Australian Human Rights Commission investigates and resolves complaints that are based on:
• Sex discrimination, including sexual harassment and discrimination based on pregnancy, marital status, breastfeeding and family responsibilities.

• Disability discrimination, including discrimination based on physical, intellectual, sensory, learning and psychiatric disabilities; diseases or illnesses; and work-related injuries.

• Race discrimination, including racial hatred and discrimination based on colour, descent, national/ethnic origin and immigrant status.

• Age discrimination, including discrimination based on being too young or too old.

Violence, harassment and bullying can shatter people’s confidence and cause lasting physical and psychological damage. If you would like some information on making a complaint, contact the Commission’s Complaint Information Service by phone on 1300 656 419, or by email to

Know your rights – pick up the Australian Human Rights Commission’s information pack at Hurstville City Library or go to


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