What’s your favourite artwork?

This year the St George Art Awards finalists’ exhibition shows much diversity. The artworks include sculptures and paintings, ranging from different sizes and colours but still linking to the main theme of 2014, which is ‘Transformation’.
Another Element by Sandra Sacilotto
Amongst the great artworks, Another Element by Sandra Sacilotto immediately caught my eye as the dark figure and contrasting colours made it stand out. Personally, I think it illustrates the struggle of people in modern society (in this case a young male) and the choices they have to make about the paths they wish to pursue. The brilliant portrayal of a young male in a hoodie suggests a troubled person as they walk towards the darkness of the tunnel. The medium of this artwork is acrylic on canvas resulting in a clean, polished look. The dark parts of the artwork significantly contrasts with the white light outside the tunnel, symbolising how darkness can be all-consuming. 
When you observe Another Element ask yourself, what is the man walking away from?
By Stella, Museum & Gallery work experience student
Regeneration by Christine Jeyachandran
I found it difficult to pick a favourite artwork because so many of them were amazing and extremely detailed, but one artwork stood out to me, and I could relate it to the theme of transformation straight away. 
Regeneration by Christine Jeyachandran shows the transformation of bushland: when a fire burns the shrub to ash and then it regenerates into the green leafy land that it once was.
The most noticeable aspect of the artwork was the different shades of red used, which contrasted dramatically with the white walls. As well as this, I could also see a change occurring and that the artwork wasn’t just portraying one thing. This change stood out to me and this is why this is my favourite artwork.
By Anna, Museum & Gallery work experience student

Who will win the People’s Choice Prize?

People’s Choice presentation and party
Friday 5 December 2104, 5.30pm for 6.00pm start
Join us for the announcement of the People’s Choice Prize of the St George Art Awards 2014.
Enjoy musical entertainment by the students of Vivace Piano Studio.
Free event, please book your ticket on the LMG What’s On page


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