Visit Hurstville Library and browse our small but diverse collection of World music. Take yourself on a musical journey into the beautiful cultures from around the world.
Chants: The spirit of Tibet / The Gyuto Monks of Tibet. Source:
  1. Chants: The Spirit of Tibet – Gyuto Monks
  2. Putumayo Presents Acoustic France
  3. Neva/Harmony – Olcay Bayir
  4. Welcome To Scotland – Bill & Ray The Tartan Lads
  5. Emerald: Musical Gems – Celtic Woman

Take home your personal selection of CDs and listen to the unique sound of musical expressions from around the globe in the comfort of your own home.

If World music isn’t your thing take a look at the wide range of other genres on offer.

  • Classical
  • Opera/Choral
  • Blues/Jazz
  • Country
  • Soundtrack/Musicals
  • Easy Listening
  • Rock/Pop

Apart from a great range of music in the CD collection we also offer free online music from Freegal which is accessible via the library website

Library members can download 3 free music tracks per week, download video clips and live streaming is also available.

To access all  our collections in the library and online all you have to do is become a member which is also free of charge.

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