Feature image: original illustration by Alison Lester.

Living up to its name, this exhibition, curated by Books Illustrated, has been exhibited in many venues around rural and urban Australia, and also overseas in Japan and Taiwan.

The exhibition is based on the award winning picture book ‘Are we there yet?’, written and illustrated by Alison Lester. Alison Lester’s books are loved by generations of Australian families. Her illustrated stories and novels are rich with memorable characters, quirky humour and a strong sense of place, and very often set in the country.

This fun and inclusive exhibition celebrates our wonderful and diverse country Australia, Family life, and the importance of sharing stories in words and pictures.

The year I turned eight, Mum and Dad took us on a trip around Australia. Luke, Billy and I missed school for the whole winter term.

Original illustration by Alison Lester
Original illustration by Alison Lester.

Come up close with Grace and her family as she travels around Australia in an old camper trailer.
The framed original illustrations lead the visitor through the story in the order they appear in the book. Alison’s illustrations are pencil drawings, photocopied onto watercolour paper, then painted in watercolours.
Preliminary work for the making of this book include ideas and sketches, Alison Lester’s children’s travel journals, family photographs taken on their journey around Australia – and an Australia map!

Original illustration by Alison Lester
Scanned page of the ‘Are We There Yet’ book. Original illustration by Alison Lester.


Join us for story time for young and old, followed by the official exhibition opening:
Saturday 19 September 2015, 1.30pm
Hurstville Museum & Gallery, 14 MacMahon Street, Hurstville
Please RSVP here

Are we there yet? A journey around Australia
An exhibition travelled by:

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