Feature image: Original illustration by Alison Lester

Alison Lester is an Australian author and illustrator.  She has published over 25 children’s picture books. Alison grew up on a coastal farm in Victoria, which is reflected in her picture book illustrations and stories.

She began illustrating picture books in 1979clive and wrote and illustrated her first picture book Clive eats Alligators in 1985.
She has travelled around the world visiting Korea, Singapore, Japan, Spain and even Antarctica researching and promoting children’s literature. Alison Lester (together with Boori Monty Pryor) was Australia’s Inaugural Children’s Laureate throughout 2012 and 2013.

Alison Lester wonare we there yet book the Children’s Book Council Australia (CBCA) picture book of the year in 2005, for her children’s book Are we There Yet?
This year marks the 10th anniversary of the award winning picture book. Alison is best known for her picture books celebrating the diversity and individuality of children.

From Clive eats Alligatos to Celeste sails to Spain, these books acelestere full of the different ways we see the world and the choices we can make. Her detailed drawings evoke the wonder of our world especially in books such as Isabella’s bed and Imagine.


noniIn recent years, she has extended her art work to include the simplified illustrations of books for the very young – think Noni the Pony and Green as a Bean.



In her most ambitious book to date, she uses a combination of styles, both simplified and detailed to highlight the need for us to preserve the wild places left in our world.
One small Island is both beautiful and thought provoking.


Visit the Books Illustrated travelling exhibition Are we there yet? A journey around Australia, on display at Hurstville Museum & Gallery until 13 December 2015.


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