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Attribution CC by Holger.Ellgaard

 John Atkinson is a familiar face at the monthly gatherings of The Film Seen at Hurstville Entertainment Centre’s (HEC) own Civic Theatre.

He kindly accepted our offer of a short interview for our first blog post:

HEC: How did The Film Seen come about?

JA: Members of Hurstville City Council encouraged the formation of The Film Seen group in 2004 as interest in cinema culture was identified in the LGA.

Graham Quint (President) & Jenny Quint (Secretary) spearheaded the group, and still do to this day.

HEC: How did you become involved as the projectionist for Film Seen?

JA: In 2004 I was already employed as a casual projectionist for the Civic Theatre, in conjunction with the Orpheum at Cremorne, Mecca Theatre at Kogarah and Greater Union at Hurstville (where there would be up to 8 screens operating concurrently). All were 35mm film venues.

HEC: What are The Film Seen’s plans for the future for in our venue?

JA: We are very happy with the current situation, presenting a film once a month. All committee members are volunteers (there are 10 people on the committee). We get a kick out of being amateur exhibitors.

HEC: What has been the most successful movie to date? Why?

JA: The Man from Cox’s River – a collaboration with Hurstville City Council Community Services. The director and producer were both in attendance to introduce the film and answer questions afterwards. It was also the first time we used our new Sony projector and lens on loan from Sony, which The Film Seen has since purchased. The equipment uses laser technology. It is in fact so new it hasn’t been rolled out to conventional cinemas yet.

New cabling for the AV ‘bio box’ in the Civic Theatre will be upgraded along with sound equipment to parallel the visual experience brought about by this new laser technology.

HEC: What benefits are there to the community if projection of 35mm film is still available?

JA: the equipment is still set up in Civic bio box ready to go. It means that we can show prints from national film and sound archives as well as classics, for example Dr Zhivago and Whistle Down the Wind (starring Hayley Mills). Plus any film prints that are available in 35mm.

The Civic Theatre has a standalone uniqueness within the sider Sydney region. The iconic cinema at Mt Victoria in the Blue Mountains is probably the nearest competitor.

Website details:

How to join: click on this link

Current programme: click on this link

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