The award-winning picture book Are We There Yet?, written and illustrated by Alison Lester, tells the story of a family trip around Australia from the perspective of eight year old Grace. The story is based on an actual journey undertaken by Alison and her family around Australia, where they travelled across the Nullarbor to Perth, up the west coast, across to Darwin and then back down the centre to home.

As part of the Art We There Yet? exhibition at Hurstville Museum & Gallery, we have included an interactive map of Australia in which visitors to the museum have been contributing their own travel stories and experiences from around Australia.


Since the opening of the exhibition in September, the map has become covered in details of these experiences, where people have travelled to, and why they liked it. Below are a few samples of stories that people have been sharing with us here at the museum:

Christina travelled to Uluru and thought it was amazing, and her friend Terry fainted from the heat!

Alison visited Lord Howe Island (part of NSW) and she liked that there was no wifi, no mobiles and no texts.

Erin went to the Blue Mountains and liked when they went on a bush walk on their cousin’s property.

Penelope journeyed up to Far North Queensland (Cairns) and liked snorkelling and seeing the Great Barrier Reef best.

Jules visited Adelaide and enjoyed the biggest steak he has ever eaten!



Come visit us at Hurstville Museum & Gallery and contribute your travel story to our map! The exhibition closes on Sunday 13 December.


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