Feature image: Jess and Steve on their wedding day in 2014. Private collection.


Discover fascinating wedding traditions, view beautiful wedding objects and learn about the personal wedding stories shared by the local community in Hurstville Museum & Gallery’s new exhibition, Tying the knot: wedding stories & beyond. On show from 21 May – 18 September 2016. Official opening: Friday 20 May 2016, 6.30pm. All welcome. Please RSVP here.


The exhibition explores various customs, textiles and fashion associated with marriage around the world and highlights the cultural significance of this important event. Themes to explore include family customs, same sex marriages, war time weddings and much more.

We had the most fabulous wedding day with all our friends and family and no matter what anyone says, it feels different to be married. You know, it’s a privilege to be married and I [we] feel sorry for Australians who can’t experience that. – Claire and Tania

Local resident Catherine remembers her wedding during world War Two in 1942: “We were married on a very wet day, wet and windy, and my wedding gown’s train fell into all the mud before I even got into the church.”

Catherine and John on their wedding day in 1942. Private collection.

Hurstville Museum & Gallery is excited to have Catherine’s cream satin wedding dress on display. Catherine’s dress was handmade by her mother, a milliner, and her grandmother, a dressmaker. The dress was stowed away and wrapped up in a plastic bag until two years ago, when Catherine’s niece re-discovered the dress.

Did you know?
Noodles are the symbol of a long and happy life in Chinese culture. They are not only part of Chinese birthday celebrations, but also popular dish for newlywed couples. Since noodles symbolise long life, it is considered very unlucky to cut up a strand. Eating dumplings on the wedding day also assures a long and happy life together.

eating dumplings in China
Ji-Yeon and Yan-Shang eating dumplings on their wedding day in China. Private collection.

The display also includes a number of intricate wedding cakes from the Museum & Gallery’s own collection. Most cakes on display were finalist pieces in major cake competitions in the mid-1990s.

Bride and groom on a bed of roses. Made by Kath Swansbra, 1998. Hurstville City Library Museum & Gallery collection.

Tell us your love story!
What was your proposal like? What made your wedding day special? Where did you spend your honeymoon?
Share your personal wedding story with us!

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